Each day a different personality joined in on the 'stoking' position on the tandem behind Graham on the 250mile ride. These included ex-Blackburn Rovers and Scotland footballer Kevin Gallacher, BBC Presenter Roger Johnson and comedians and fellow presenters Ted Robbins and Steve Royle.

Pennine Events Director Mark Sandamas, rode with them acting as guide, mentor, coach, mechanic and all-round skivvy, with us also providing a route support driver.

The key aspect of the event was Graham continuing to present and broadcast his morning breakfast show before riding and making numerous live feeds on radio throughout each day. A number of parts of the ride were broadcast on TV with a live radio show and crowd at the finish.



BBC Radio Lancashire were the client choosing Pennine Events because of our success with the Tower to Tower Ride and our expertise in cycling, especially with route planning and ride management.

Event Aims / Objectives

The event aimed to raise money for Sport Relief with Graham Liver encouraging his radio show listeners to text/call in and donate money each morning, along with creating an unusual radio show experience.

Event Testimonials

"I want to say a big thank you to all the team and to everybody who showed up to cheer me on. Riding a tandem is much harder than you think, but we have made it!"

Graham Liver

"The ride was a huge success, each day Graham had to wake up at the crack of dawn to present his breakfast show, before taking to the saddle. The tandem's second seat was occupied by a variety of celebrities, including comedian Ted Robbins and former footballer Kevin Gallagher to help him tackle the day's miles in style."

Mark Sandamas, Pennine Events Managing Director


Naturally the ride was heavily featured on BBC Radio Lancashire and BBC North West along with the BBC website.