Pennine Events Ltd vows to support Events Industry & Charities through new market disrupting platform.

Amidst the turmoil of the downfall of the UK events industry, Pennine Events Ltd launches a virtual events and challenges platform that could support their peers.

My Virtual Challenges (MVC) is a newly launched platform that allows event organisers and third sector organisations to press through with their events and challenges to raise much needed funds and create new revenue streams despite pandemic.

It is no secret that the whole events industry is struggling to keep its head above water, with Government still not budging on industry-specific support and Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s statement for creatives to find roles in other sectors.

The sector is said to contribute over £84 Billion annually and supports over 500,000 jobs in the UK alone*.

Alissa Koopal, Chief Executive Officer at Pennine Events Ltd says:

“We have been working hard behind the scenes – like everyone else; from kitchen tables, bedroom set-ups, through to the occasional garden shed due to homeworking- to make sure we could press ahead with some of our historic events, such as the Liverpool-Chester-Liverpool Bike Ride which attracts thousands of cycling fanatics from across the UK and celebrated its 27th Anniversary this year.

Through the new platform we managed to engage hundreds of riders as part of the official event day and raised over £9,500 much needed funds raised for charity- a far cry from an average of £40-45K per event previously, but nevertheless a great achievement for a relatively small and localised event in the current climate and a very short lead time.

The live events industry, and as an immediate consequence, the UK’s charitable organisations, have been devastated by the pandemic and lack of Government support and we were forced to look at different ways of delivery.

My Virtual Challenges offers a route to market, revenue creation, engagement and profiling to a myriad of organisations – whether its sporting events, charitable challenges, or community engagement for LA’s.

‘Virtual’ events have popped up all around us, but due to each being an individual listing, it can be confusing for the public to choose or commit. We aim to bring everything together under one roof, to ensure a smooth customer journey- take away the confusion, and retain participants after each event, to conquer the next challenge they may have spotted on the platform – we have already seen this happening with our initial test challenges listed.”


The MVC platform launched late August on a test and trial basis and has seen hundreds of registrations and participation in multiple events and challenges.

The Pennine Events team is now ready to roll the platform out to the sector, in a bid to bring everyone together and support this new virtual route.

MVC Challenge Yourself Image

Mark Sandamas, Owner Pennine Events Ltd says

“The pandemic has turned the tables on all of us in the events industry, and we know that it not going anywhere for a long time to come- calling for a need to re-adjust and review of all our businesses.

Throughout lockdown and heavy restrictions, the desire for community has grown; people want to feel part of something more. Usually, live events would be the way to bring people together, but given the ongoing restrictions, creating virtual communities is the next best thing for the time being. 

We also believe that virtual events will remain part of people’s preference and ways for the future. It has given them a sense of community and achievement, whilst retaining their own desired level of freedom.

Someone from Australia can run the London Marathon without the additional costs or requirement to fly over, someone that is maybe not as fit (or confident) can take the challenge at their own pace, and someone who may suffer from anxiety, or may still need to shield for a long time to come, may be able to compete socially distanced.

Of course, it will never beat the ‘real deal’, and with our own company’s bread and butter being a key delivery partner in some of the largest sporting and cultural events, we need to find a way back to this as soon as possible, but the platform may offer our peers a renewed way of creating world-class experiences and income generation – for the time being at least.”

A route back to Mass participation events?

My Virtual Challenges lets a worldwide audience participate in global (sports) events and challenges that are suitable for a range of ages and abilities, from families with children and beginners, to serious fitness fans – the audience and ability depends on the event/challenge set.

The enabling tool brings the best of the industry together on 1 major platform, to capture a wide audience from across all nations.

The Challenge / Event can be completed at any location and at their own pace*, giving enthusiasts the opportunity to participate in the best events, explore stunning landscapes and conquer famous routes across the nations in a socially distanced and comfortable manner that suits their needs.

The opportunities as an Event / Challenge host are endless. From being able to run an official event on an official date, through to setting training and/or open challenges. The platform is built with adaptability to suit/accommodate all hosts and organisers, and allows additional support to be offered on all levels.