You can’t compete without winners and that doesn’t only apply to the sporting arena. We organise business and sports award ceremonies that reward the models of business and sporting activities and focuses the spotlight on the organising bodies and sponsors.

Awards ceremonies have risen in popularity over the last decade, as we have become a society that appreciates and wants to honour individuals and their achievements.

We recognise that no two award ceremonies are the same and that’s why at Pennine we put creativity at the heart of all the awards ceremonies we manage. Our commitment to producing ‘thrilling events remembered forever’ ensures that we deliver fabulous awards ceremonies that quickly become a highlight on award ceremony calendars

Our award ceremony packages include everything you need for a successful event:

  • Pre-event production and management
  • Stage, set, sound and lighting: we design and produce bespoke sets
  • Entertainment options (including theming the event and props)
  • Guest registration
  • Venue liaison
  • Catering options
  • Publicity and promotion of events
  • Award trophies and judging panels

We tie it all together. Venue, compere, awards and event management, it’s the best of what we do – just indoors!