P.E Team Blog

It started with an innocuous conversation whilst riding along and a throwaway response, “yes, I’d be interested”.... next thing I’m only two weeks away from starting potentially the toughest thing I’ve ever done – riding non-stop around Ireland with a team of 7 others covering 2150km. And not just riding but ‘racing’ – we’re in it to win it! And not just to win it but to raise pots of money for Aoibheann’s Pink Tie (APT), supporting children suffering from cancer and their families. Oh and this on top of the day job....I’m loving it!

What can I say…? I am a person who gets bored very quickly and needs something trendy and developing to grab my attention and keep me interested. For no particular reason, I spent my school years wanting to be a model or an air hostess… Clearly that hasn’t happened!


I always ask myself ‘Why Marketing and Sales? Why the events industry? Why have I chosen this as a career?’ Well, the answer is pretty simple...

As someone who used to be extremely shy, I often have a tendency to lean towards only doing things that are within my comfort zone. I’ve recently decided that I’m going to try and say ‘yes’ to more opportunities, as a way of gaining new experiences that I might otherwise miss out on. Even if it’s to something I think I won’t enjoy, or isn’t necessarily ‘me’, I’m making a conscious effort to put myself out there more and say ‘yes’ to new things.

May is National Walking Month and along with millions of other people I’m on a mission to up my daily step count. Social media is a big force in trying to motivate us all to move more, whether just taking the stairs instead of the lift or taking advantage of the longer hours of daylight and actively making an effort to get out in the evenings for a quick power walk around the block. 


I’ve also invested in a pedometer which, although doubtful when I first bought it, is really proving successful at guilting me into moving more if nothing else! 

I’m Irem, Pennine Events Digital Marketing Officer, I joined the company in January, moving down from Newcastle (tooon army!!) in December after marrying a Prestonian!  I can't believe I've already been here for four months! It has gone by faster than I thought, which is a good sign, what do I do you ask? Well…

As I sit here and prepare to enter the upcoming event season, I am amazed that 10 years have gone by in the blink of an eye.

Casting my thoughts back, I can still remember my very first day at Pennine Events.... I was so nervous that morning! But as the days, weeks and months passed by I gained more and more knowledge about what it takes to be in this industry, the shear grit and determination required to get you through a long event day is rewarded by the enjoyment on the participant’s faces as they finish their event!

As my colleague Sue wrapped up the year so blog-tastically, I feel it only fitting to talk about the start of the season and what is to come for me personally and professionally in 2016, it is January after all.

Having joined Pennine only 6 months ago, I have really enjoyed gaining the inside track on sporting events and the complexity that is involved.  My previous experience is within the Charity Challenge sector, and this continues to be my big passion within the workplace.


It is hard to believe that my 2015 event season has drawn to an end, but I was delighted as always to finish the season with one of my favourite events of all time: the Dazzling Night of Neon on behalf of The Christie Charity.